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Uniform:  (McNeil)         - Chair:  Chris Atkin     
     - Members:  Michael Bain, Odie, Megan
- Presents recommendations on uniform specs both dress and casual to the board for approval
- Finds supplier’s, prices, etc.
- Sends specs to Media committee for website listing

Merchandise:  (Middlemiss)     - Chair:  Chris Middlemiss     - Online Store:  Odie Brendel
- Includes:  shirts, stickers, hats, patches, coins, etc.
- Presents recommendations and ideas for merchandise to membership  
- Finds and works directly with vendors
- Works with Social Media to get merchandise info on the website
- Maintains and tracks all merchandise inventory
- Organizes the distribution of inventory
- Accountable for any monies collected from the sale of merchandise and for maintaining accurate records
- Works with finance to track money

Social Media:  (Middlemiss)     - Chair:  Chris Middlemiss
     - Members:  Amber Middlemiss, Chris Atkin, Fitz
- Maintains website and updates all the information on it
- Maintains Google +, Facebook, and Youtube pages
- Works with photographers to make photographs/videos available (via website, dropbox, youtube, etc.)

Digital Media:  (Chet)     - Chair:  Chet
     - Members:  Pete Young
- Responsible for creating all graphics 
- Includes graphics for:  Website/social media sites, merchandise, flyers, promotional products, etc.

Finance:  (Layne)
   Audit:  Chair:  Layne
- Tax preparation
- Audit preparation
- Tracks spending/finances and relays recommendations to the group
   Grant:  Chair:  Layne Hilton
- Grant writing/research

Fundraising:  (Layne)     - Chair:  Layne
     - Members:  Rob Marriott, Dan Anderson
- Plans all aspects of our fundraisers
- Relays any needs to/from other committees
- Solicits monetary donations 
- Solicits silent auction/raffle prizes

Promotion:  (Allred)     - Chair:  Brad Tillotson
     - Members:  Michelle Brendel
- Focuses on pursuing any and all aspects of promoting the UFES
- Coordinates the selling of merchandise at events
- Solicits corporate sponsors 
- Promotes us to other public safety members around the state
- Coordinates creation of flyers and other promotional products with Digital Media 
- Coordinates dispersal of flyers 

Music:  (Megan)     - Chair:  Megan
     - Members:  Chet, Odie
- Proposes changes and/or additions to the UFES tune list
- Makes sure the website tune list and recordings are up to date

Logistics:  (McNeil)     - Chair:  Scotty McNeil
- Maintains inventory of all UFES purchased/issued supplies and equipment.  This includes anything issued to single members which is expected to be returned after use or termination of membership.  For example:  Hard goods (canopy, chairs, coolers, tables), uniform items, band supplies, heavy athletics equipment, etc
- Responsible for the storage of any equipment that needs a place
- Coordinates any logistical travel needs and ensures we have everything

Social Events:  (Pearson)     - Chair:  Dan Anderson
- Plans and coordinates all aspects of social functions.

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