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Bylaws - Utah Firefighters Emerald Society


Section 1.1:  The name of the organization shall be The Utah Firefighters Emerald Society.

Section 1.2:  The purpose of the organization is to benefit active and retired Fire, Police, Military, and EMS personnel.  To celebrate the Celtic Heritage, traditions and cultural activities, as well as honor the fallen and the families of the fallen from those professions listed above.

Section 1.3:  The Utah Firefighters Emerald Society is a Non-Profit Organization in accordance with Local, State, and Federal Law.  It qualifies as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code.


Section 2.1:  Service Membership 
Any active or retired Fire, Police, Military, or EMS personnel.  One (1) membership per household.  Dues: $25/year. Lifetime membership: $250

Section 2.2:  Associate Membership
Anyone who does not qualify for service membership.  One (1) membership per household.  Dues: $25/year.  Lifetime membership: $250

Section 2.3:  Honorary Membership
Someone who is nominated by a UFES Service Member as an individual who demonstrates substantial support for the Society and benefits the Society as a whole (I.e. Volunteering a significant amount of time or service).  Honorary membership is only granted by vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 2.4:  “UFES Sponsors” Corporate membership
Open to businesses wishing to sponsor the Utah Firefighters Emerald Society through financial donation.  All Corporate Memberships will be discussed on a case by case basis.  All Corporate Memberships are active for one (1) year from the date of donation.  Benefits may include but are not limited to:  Displaying your companies name or logo on the UFES website, on the UFES canopy, at events, a complimentary Pipes and Drums performance, etc.  Benefits will be discussed at time of donation and voted on by the Board of Directors.  Dues:  $150/year minimum

Section 2.4:  Founding Membership (updated 2/2015)
A Founding Member is defined as a Member who joins the UFES between January 1st, 2015 and January 1st, 2016. Each Member who joins during this time will be considered a "Founding Member".  Each Founding Member is entitled to one(1) Founders Edition Challenge Coin (to be produced January 2016) free of charge.


Section 3.1:  Board of Directors
Shall consist of the four Executive Board members plus the three General Board members. 

Section 3.2:  Executive Board
The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be considered the Executive Board.  Except for the power to amend the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, the Executive Board shall have all powers and authority of the Board of Directors in the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors, subject to the direction and control of the Board of Directors.  They shall have the authority to make emergency organizational, legal, and/or financial decisions on behalf of the UFES.  All emergency Executive Board decisions which directly affect the organizational structure, legal, and/or financial status of the UFES must be by a majority vote (at least 3-1).  If ever a split decision exists (2-2) a vote by the entire Board of Directors must be used.

Section 3.3:  General Board Members
Shall be three (3) additional board members from the membership to assist with managing committees, voting on matters of business, and to assist in the decision making for the general operations of the organization.  Board members shall be appointed by the Executive Board for the term of one year with the option of extending the term for as long as is needed.

Section 3.4:  President 
Shall preside over the Executive Board, shall convene regularly scheduled Board meetings, and shall preside at or arrange for another member to preside at each meeting.  The President is responsible for the overall integrity of the entire organization, its image, mission, and proper day to day operation.

Section 3.5:  Vice President
Shall assist the President and shall take over their duties if the President is unable to fulfill said duties.

Section 3.6:  Secretary
Shall be responsible for keeping records of Board actions including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each board member, and assuring the corporate records are maintained.  The Secretary is also responsible for the integrity of the voting system within the organization.

Section 3.7:  Treasurer/Quartermaster
Shall make an annual report for the Board members and the public.  The Treasurer shall chair the finance committee, assist in the preparation of the budget, and help develop fundraising plans.  They shall be responsible for supplies, equipment, and purchasing.  They shall be responsible for the integrity of the UFES FFCU and PayPal accounts.   

Section 3.8: Board Meetings
The Board of Directors hall meet monthly at an agreed upon time and place.


Section 4.1:  Annual meeting 
The date, time, and place of the annual meeting shall be set by the Board of Directors.

Section 4.2:  Special Meetings
The President duly upon notice of time and place may call a special meeting.

Section 4.3:  Notice
Notice of each meeting shall be given to each board member by e-mail not less than ten days before the meeting.


Section 5.1:  The Board of Directors shall create committees as needed.

Section 5.2:  Each committee will have a chair person and specific responsibilities.  All information, tasks, assignments, etc. will be coordinated by the committee chair-person.  The chair-person will present/update the BOD.  The BOD will approve all policies and decisions.  The UFES committees include but are not limited to: 

Section 5.3:  Uniform
Makes uniform recommendations to the BOD's.  Provides uniform specs to the website manager. 

Section 5.4:  Merchandise 
Coordinates the creation and inventory of all UFES swag.  Maintains the website store. 

Section 5.5:  Logistics
Inventories all equipment/supplies purchased by the UFES.  Coordinates the storage and upkeep of UFES equipment inventory.  Coordinates the transportation and assembly of equipment at UFES events.  

Section 5.6:  Media/Website
Updates membership lists/rosters.  Maintains the UFES website and its pages including the calendar.  Maintains the UFES social media pages.

Section 5.7:  Digital Media
Creates the digital graphics needs of the UFES

Section 5.7:  Finance/Purchasing
Chaired by the UFES treasurer, this committee tracks UFES spending, revenue, and maintains UFES bank and PayPal accounts.  All UFES purchases go through them.

Section 5.8:  Fundraising
Organizes and manages fundraising efforts and events.

Section 5.9:  Promotion
Coordinates the selling and promoting of UFES swag at events.

Section 5.10:  Music
Determines what tunes the band has on or adds to their tune list. 


Section 6.1:  These Bylaws may be amended when necessary by a two-thirds majority of the Board 0f Directors.  Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary to be sent out with regular Board announcements.


Section 7.1:  General (updated 2/15)
Performs at events, both charity and paid gigs.  Co-Chaired by the Pipe Major and Drum Sergeant.  Open to any qualified piper or drummer who is already a member of the UFES.  Expectations and tune requirements are determined by the PM and DS with the BOD approval.  While attending Band events, or representing the Emerald Society, douchebaggery is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Section 7.2:  Performances and Compensation 
Are approved by the BOD.  Payments are managed by the UFES treasurer.  Performance participants are approved by the PM and DS.  Compensation for solo gig performances will take place in the way of mileage reimbursement and a meal per diem.  These amounts are determined by the standard government rate.

Section 7.3:  Rehearsals
UFES Pipes and Drums shares rehearsals with UFA Pipe Band on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  Rehearsals begin promptly at 20:00 located at the following UFA stations: A - 106, B - 124, C - 101.  The PM will contact members via email if changes to the location or schedule are needed.  Members must have instruments assembled and ready to play at 20:00.

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