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Kilt Order

Fill out the form below.  Once you have submitted that information, continue to the pay portion at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your order!

Casual ($130), Semi-Traditional ($245), *Traditional 5 yard wool kilt ($300), **Athletics Kilt ($130)
*required Kilt for Pipes and Drums. 
**Heavy Athletics Team Only


Need more measuring help?
Click HERE for Casual Kilt help.
Click HERE for Semi-Traditional Kilt, Traditional Kilt help.

We order Kilts in batches to keep the cost down for our members.
Kilt's typically take up to 3 months to receive.

Pay for the Athletic's Kilt ($130)

Pay for the Semi-Traditional Kilt ($245)

Pay for the Casual Kilt ($130)

Pay for the Traditional

5-Yard Wool Kilt ($300)

Pay for Your Kilt

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