Beginning The Journey...

As you begin your journey into the Pipes and Drums, there are a few items that will be needed. For the pipers, before you buy bagpipes you will need a Practice Chanter. Please do not confuse this with a regular bagpipe chanter. This is something that you will continue to use throughout your piping career. As you start searching, you will see there are many different options. There are many great manufacturers and styles available made from both plastics and wood. They also come in both long and standard lengths. We would recommend that you start out with a plastic style. Most pipers use a long version. These will most closely resemble the chanter holes on your bagpipe chanter when you are ready to make that transition. Any brand is sufficient when purchasing from a reputable vendor. Just stay clear from a cheap Middle Eastern made one.

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For the snare drummers, the sticks used in Scottish snare drumming are different from the typical drum sticks. We recommend Barry Wilson’s ‘Baztix’ sticks. For a drum pad, we would recommend a double sided pad with rubber soft and hard rubber side at least 12” diameter.

If you are a tenor drummer, you will only need a set of mallets. Tyfry ultimate or platinum are what most of our folks are using. You will use these to practice your flourishing and keep the beat.

Pipes and Drums:, Matt is a member of our Emerald Society. Try him first and support his store!!

For the drumsticks: