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Utah Firefighters Emerald Society


What is the

Utah Firefighters Emerald Society?

We are Firefighters and Friends of Firefighters from the State of Utah who have come together for two very simple yet important purposes: 

First, to honor the lives and sacrifices of fire, police, military, and EMS members both past and present.  We do this by participating in funerals, ceremonies, and memorials throughout the country. 

Second, to preserve and promote the time honored traditions of our Celtic ancestors.

Please see our "About Us" section for more details. We would appreciate your support or for you to become a member to help further our cause! 

About the event

To The Fallen:


Joseph Shinners

EOW - 1/5/19


Matthew Burchett

EOW - 8/13/18


David Romrell

EOW - 11/24/18


Curtis Day

EOW - 8/5/18

 ​i solas na gréine no i scáth sunshine or in shadow...

The Fallen
Past Events

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Interested in Joining UFES?

There are several options for membership to UFES.

Service Membership:  
Any active or retired Fire, Police, EMS, or Military personnel.   
- One membership per household  
- Dues: $25/yr. (due January 1st annually and is not pro-rated) 
- Lifetime service membership:  $250/once

Annual Service Membership

Associate Membership:  
Anyone who does not qualify for a service membership. 
- One membership per household
- Dues:  $25/yr.  (due January 1st annually and is not pro-rated)
- Lifetime associate membership:  $250/once

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Our Mailing Address:

10151 S. Knox Ct.

South Jordan, UT 84009

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